COMPETE 2020 Project

Co-financed by:

Project name: GRASS-LIGHT: Filament for Sustainable, Photoluminescent and Backlit Synthetic Grass

Project Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-047096
Main Objective: Strengthen research, technological development and innovation
Financing Operational Program: POCI
Intervention Region: Center
Beneficiary entity: SAFINA – Sociedade Industrial de Alcatifas, Lda

IT – Institute of Telecommunications
UA – Aveiro University

Approval date: 12-05-2021
Start date: 01-05-2021
Completion date: 30-06-203

Eligible cost: 689 115,14 euros (Total)
Financial support from European Union – ERDF: 450,366.98€ (Total)

The GRASS-LIGHT Project proposes the development of photoluminescent and/or backlit filaments that can be integrated into conventional artificial turf systems, hybrid systems or even into artificial turf planting systems. The photoluminescent substances, when exposed to light sources, natural or artificial, store energy through the excitation of the constituent atoms, until in the absence of light they release that energy, thus contributing to the illumination of the material and the space. In parallel and in a complementary way, backlighting will be incorporated into the grass filaments, through an LED light system, creating a field composed of several blocks that can be individually illuminated, with individual control of color and light intensity.


Project name: SAFINA Exporting 01/SI/2020

Project Code: POCI-02-0752-FEDER-071196
Main Objective: Leverage the exportation of Safina’s products
Region of intervention: Center

Approval date: 15-12-2020
Start date: 28-10-2020
Completion date: 27-10-2022

Total eligible cost: 515,650.00EUR
Financial support from European Union: FEDER 232.042,50EUR

With the realization of this project we have as objectives
– Leverage the export of our products;
– To expand the current export rate to 67%;
– Increase E-Business;
– To invest in innovation at the level of organizational and marketing progress